BBC Radio Leeds reporter Adam Pope has discussed whether the 49ers take over could see Jesse Marsch leave Leeds United – with the 49ers enterprises currently boasting a 44% stake in the club as a whole. Andrea Radrizzani has 56%.

Andrea Radrizzani has allowed the 49ers to constantly increase their stake in the club. It comes after Radrizzani bought the entirety of Leeds from Massimo Cellino back in 2017. Radrizzani now owns just 12% more, under ASER enterprises.

But with the 49ers stake growing, it is believed that eventually, Radrizzani will relinquish the title as major shareholder. The 49ers have significant financial power. It might just help Leeds grow further, building on Radrizzani’s foundation.

Where does that leave Marsch? Given he is American and the 49ers obviously are born out of San Francisco, you would assume that they would keep Marsch. But Pope suggests it is not so simple and that might be the direction they want.

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“I wonder if they’re in sync [with the 49ers]. Is Jesse their man? Do they want to make a statement once they take over? Do they think, ‘No, hang on, we want to do this differently?'”, Pope said, on the Don’t Get To Bed Just Yet podcast.

Pope then responded when asked if he felt that Marsch was the 49ers’ man: “I’m not so sure about that. I don’t know. It’s an easy link to make isn’t it? I don’t think it’s as simple as that, no not at all.”

Pope: 49ers take over could see Marsch leave Leeds

Now, Pope is not saying that if the 49ers buy themselves a controlling stake from Radrizzani – that Marsch is gone. Of course, Radrizzani will have a stake in the club – given it is unlikely the 49ers simply buy Radrizzani out entirely.

But, he is not saying either, that should the 49ers go above 50%, Marsch is their man for the long-term. Just because they are American, it is not as if that automatically makes Marsch the man they want to take Leeds forward.

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